What was the reason for the road much less traveled?

 Why do we have a reason to do anything in life? Is it the experience gained? Or how about the thrill of the moment, the adrenaline rush you get?  Most of my life has been enriched by the experiences I've had on two wheels I must admit every time I start one of my motorcycles I feel my heart race a little. It's exciting. Most all of the riding I've done in the last 30 years have been short daily commuting or 1-2 day adventure runs never more than 250 miles. Then back it 2006 I did my first long distance trip of 2600 miles in just over a week. It was so much fun and I longed for the next big ride. Although I did enjoy the trip it was spent mostly on major interstates at speeds in excess of 70 mph. It becomes hard to soak up the surrounding beauty as its flying by at breakneck speeds.

Several years ago I was knocking around a Dual Sport motorcycle trip idea with a few old friends. A Dual Sport motorcycle is basically an off-road machine or "dirt bike" that has been modified with more street oriented parts allowing them to be plated and registered as street legal vehicles. Although Dual Sport motorcycles handle fine on major paved roads most of the riding is done at much slower speeds and on more remote unmaintained roads and Jeep trails. The idea of picking routes made up of entirely dirt roads and back country roads appealed to me greatly. These less traveled roads just feel nicer when your cruising or carving up the turns with little or no other traffic in your way. Posted speed limits are slower and you almost never see big rig trucks on these roads. These are the roads that Dual Sport motorcycles were designed for. Plush long travel suspension, light agile feel under most conditions and the ability to carry all your camping supplies make for one heck of an adventure.

Now most of my friends that I've ridden with over the years have families or regular jobs and can only break away for a few days at a time.  I've been planning a solo long distance ride for some time, but it never fails, riding solo can be really boring. You need someone to share it with. I thought I if could plan a route that would meander from one city to another, where my fellow ride mates lived, each could join along for a "leg" of the event. We thought a series of 4-5 day motorcycle adventures with a few friends from each different location around the Midwest and other Pacific Coast regions would be just what the doctor ordered. I could ride the entire route while other friends joined along for particular "legs" of the journey and only end up with short stretches of solo riding.

So on September 9th of this year we will officially kick off this ride across the West along the roads much less traveled. The goal is to ride from Durango Colorado to Portland Oregon on mostly back country roads and two lane blacktop connecting fuel stops with obscure trails and dirt roads. Several planned stops along the way will be made to see the sights and soak it all in as we go. Other than those parameters we don't really have anything carved in stone and routes may change as the trip progresses.

Once we reach the mouth of the Columbia River and the Northwestern most tip of Oregon we will ride the Pacific Coast Hwy 101 and take our time enjoying the salty air along one of the most beautiful stretches of road on the planet. A full day will be spent in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park just to witness the giant redwood trees. From there we will turn inland once again and spend a day or two working our way to Reno Nevada where I loose the company of my cousin. That will be enough to get us started. In the days to come I will be updating the route as well as posting pictures and short video footage to this site wherever and whenever I can get a wireless signal. So if you don't hear from me for several days don't panic. During the ride you should always be able to track my where abouts via my Spot tracking device. Just follow the link on "The Roads we take" page.

Wish us luck and enjoy the images as we make this journey. Talk to you all soon, later Travis

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